Monday, 20 February 2023

A Dream. From Early 2021.

I had a dream of a far future world, with a green revolution and capitalism consigned to small, backwards enclaves.  
But there is still strife.   For in this far future, the Fizies and the Axenecas regularly raid each others' territories, stealing and despoiling.  The heroine comes from a small group of Modies, who are tolerated by both sides, but have little say in how the world works.  And there are rumours of the dangerous Novies, who are said to be growing in number beyond the pale.  
For most people, however, this is a qualified Utopia.  Apart from the outcasts: those who, for one reason or another, are clanless.  They are the saddest group of all.  Their ancestors seemingly refused all allegiances, and their children's children are still shunned.
No-one can remember how these divisions began...

Thursday, 16 February 2023

Two Working-Class Tories

Nearly 60 years ago, Johnny Speight created a comic monster: a reactionary blue-collar Tory, full of racist and misogynistic bile, but also frustrated, weak and angry.   Admittedly, some viewers missed the joke and approved of his comments, but most recognised Speight's comedy genius, and the brillince of Warren Mitchell's performance.  

That was Alf Garnett in the ‘60s.  
Nowadays, of course, we have Lee Anderson. 

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