Wednesday, 26 January 2022

The CPI versus the Vimes Boot Index


In today's news, the UK's unofficial arbiter of all things statistical, 'More or Less' on BBCR4, has had a look at Jack Monroe's strong criticism of the Consumer Prices Index (CPI). For those who've missed this, they argue that it massively underestimates the inflation felt by the poorest consumers, because the cheapest essentials rise in price by a greater percentage.
Short answer: They're right, and the Office of National Statistics admit it.
The programme also mentions their proposed new measure, the Vimes Boot Index.
The whole programme is worth a listen. It includes the usual calling out of pernicious Covid myths, as well as a debunking of the 'five second rule' for dropped food.

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Not Larkin About

They fuck you up, your mum and dad,
But not as much as Tories do,
Who lie about high jinks they had,
And break the rules they place on you.
A party? Held at Downing Street?
They can’t remember when or where,
With wine to drink and food to eat,
And journos from the Sun were there —
The treachery of this foul clan
Goes deeper than the Spanish Main.
Kick the sods out, soon as you can,
And never vote for them again.

(Sandra Bond, After Philip Larkin) 

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