Friday, 22 June 2018

One Thousand and Ten

It was a Windy Day, apparently, ten years ago on this date. Radio 4 gave out weather warnings.  It was a Sunday.  And I began this Blog.  At the time I wrote:-

So anyway, welcome to The trees around Nunhead, for however long it lasts and whatever we discover.
One of the things I think I've discovered is that this site has become only peripherally about trees, and only slightly more about Nunhead.  A cursory look at the labels that have been used to describe the various posts indicates that there hasn't really been just one theme.  Currently the most used labels are:-
- so you might assume it has morphed into a literary and political Blog over time.  Well, maybe to some extent, but the sheer number of different labels suggests its content has been somewhat more diverse overall.

Not only is this the ten year anniversary of the first post (and thanks to our oldest for pointing out this was about to happen a few weeks ago), but also (drum roll)...


That really does scare me.

It's a sunny day today, not windy at all. And there is really only one thing I can sensibly do to mark this event, and that is to post yet another picture of the back garden.   And a Tree.  In Nunhead.

Washing Machine

Why does our new washing machine play tunes?  Our CD players don't attempt to do the laundry...

Trees on Tour: Bakewell

A few weeks back I visited the town of Bakewell for the first time ever. It was a lovely sunny day, and this is what I saw...

This is a bakewell pudding (NOT tart!)  Incredibly sweet, must be eaten with custard.

Getting a Rocket

This is one of the other presents I received for my big birthday. And quite wonderful!  Thank you work people...
The box contains 12 bags of lego - half of which are for building the massive first stage.  There will be more posts on this, I'm sure...

Durham Revelation

This is what I looked like when I first arrived there...

Durham Whistlestop...

I was in Durham for a work meeting, so I took the time to revisit some of the places I remembered from my student days.  Including my old college Collingwood (much changed now).

The view from the train passing over the viaduct.  I remember when I first saw this view. Wonderful. (You rarely see the viaduct and the cathedral in the same photo.  You normally stand by one to take a picture of the other). 

The cathedral still has its head bandaged...


 The collapsed cardboard box which is Dunelm House...

Zoo Too - Insects, Tiger!

So, for the big birthday I had recently, I was given ZSL membership (thanks siblings!).  which means free entry, and other nice things.  And travel on London Transport is now free as well.  So I went back to see one or two creatures I might have missed last time.  I didn't have my DSLR with me, so the pictures (from my phone camera) are a little fuzzy.