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Vaccines Redux


It is now around fifteen months since the first trial results of a Covid-19 vaccine, and they have been used at scale for nearly ten months.
All the usual safety protocols were applied during their development, and so far, 5.8 bn doses have been safely administered globally.   In no way can they be considered 'experimental'.
The data is in and the facts are known: they are safe.
Almost all side effects are minor; the very few more major ones are incredibly rare, well understood, and are being effectively managed.  No longer-term effects have materialised.
No vaccines are perfect, but the data shows that these work very well to protect against all Covid variants.
They don't generate variants. They don't contain live Covid.  They don't cause other illnesses.  They don't help Bill Gates control your mind.
And with booster shots beginning, they are now routine.
But does this mean the vaccine hesitant will become less so, or that anti-vaxxers will look at the evidence and change their minds?  Sadly, I fear not, because those positions seem entrenched in hearsay rather than data, and opinion rather than facts.

The Boiling Heart of Nunset


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 "Delegate, v., to do a job oneself, later than planned, having asked someone else first"