Thursday, 19 July 2018


There are a lot of iconic spacecraft. 

The Starship 'Enterprise' and the ''Millennium Falcon'.

The Pan-Am 'Orion' and 'Discovery One' from 2001. 

'Red Dwarf' and the 'Liberator'.


Probably the TARDIS counts too.

But this is, I think, my favourite.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018


This looks like being the longest single post ever published in the Trees.  Even if mostly images.  
It's all about my 60th birthday present from work.  And what I did with it next.

Home. The box on the floor.

Twelve  Bags!

 Bag one:-

 Bag Two:-

 Bag Three:-

 Bag Four:-

 Bag Five:-

 Bag Six (Rocket Engines!):-


So. Six bags out of twelve used, on (huge) rocket stage built.
Bag Seven:-

 Bag 8:-

(I skipped some of the intermediary photos for that bag, I note).

Bag 9:-

 Bag 10:-

 Stage 2 Completed!  Fitting to Stage 1:-

Two stage completed, in ten bags!
Bag Eleven:-

 Stage 3 Completed!  Fitting to Stages 1 and 2...

 Stages 1-3 completed with Eleven bags.
Bag Twelve (and last):-


 With Escape Tower!

 The Saturn V complete...

 Lunar Lander - the Eagle has landed...



The Apollo 11 mission took place in July 1969.  The model has 1969 pieces (see box).

For more about the mission, see the Wikipedia article here.