Friday, 30 November 2012

Old People

So who are all these people from the mid 1970s?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wandering 2

And so for the second half of my wander, I headed for the beating concrete heart of Durham student life - Dunelm House and Kingsgate Bridge.  Very concretey...
Mind you, the view from the bridge is quite pleasant...
... and we discovered later that there was a punk concert in Dunelm that night, which explained the large numbers of Mohicans and pierced noses roaming the city.

Anyway I went on to the real heart of Durham, the peninsula, with its long...
So these next few offer a far more traditional view.
I only ever climbed the cathedral tower once.  The view was of course stunning (from what I can recall), but I was terrified and never went up it again.
Leaving the Cathedral, I strolled down Saddler St.  Some places seemed wholly unchanged since the '70s.  Certainly Mugwump was - by memory - just as annoying a shop then as it seemed to be now.  Full of new age crystals  - I was incensed (joke). 
And I was never really a fan of the Shakespeare - too much Northumbrian fiddle for my taste.
Other places on Saddler were newer, if equally unpreposessing to my taste:
...but I always loved this view down Elvet Bridge...
... and this restaurant also seems to have been there for ever... although it may have had another name then?
And finally the view from Framwellgate Bridge
So the only one of the old bridges I missed was Prebends.  Never mind, maybe next time...