As one of my earliest opinions got me into trouble, and left me a little nonplussed for a while, it seems only reasonable to bring all my views and rants together.  However, I'm going to exclude most of the lit-criticism and comments on specific media - they belong elsewhere.

On Obama before his election; and a little later, on his Nobel prize.
On Ken's rants too.
On our own elections.
I don't please everyone.
On the joy of specialist knowledge. And again, in passing.
On juggling notation.
On the slow train.
Being surprised.
On home improvements.
Proper spiders.
On the awfulness of the Murdochs and Sky - and the supine BBC Review.
On not-very-good journalism.
On how to behave at the school Quiz.
On how wonderful the RI is.
On not sorting things out (global warming).
On chocolate theft - and who pays for it.
On Blogs not to write.
And this includes a rant on Tate Modern.
... and the start of the election with some poor Tory ideas.
On the lack of aeroplanes. (Thank you Iceland)
On policies
On the awful coalition - in brief.
On Pac-Man
On being Out-Creeped by Technology.
On not buying glasses at Waterloo Station.
On Royal Ascot (and also Waterloo in passing).
On Foyles bookshop - now and in the 1970s.
On the true colour of Nunhead.
An explanation of Stonehenge (a contribution to the science of Evil Lair Studies).
On meandering around by the Toytown Light Railway, with Madness and the Water Poet.
About jobs and being off work.
On finding the original version of the cheese shop sketch.
A quoted comment on Nerds by Neal Stephenson
On being polite - sort of - while driving in London.
On contemporary art commentary. And what happened next.
Something on the BBC by Mitch Benn.
On too much pollarding.
How one of Arucaria's crosswords was buggered up by the Guardian.
Iain banks on Tory hyenas. and the labour response.
On The Black Wine of Thentis and umbrellas.
Alexei Sayle's Inheritance Tracks.
On Lucy Mangan's bad taste.
On Tory ineptitude where sport is concerned. (And every thing else come to that).
On swearing.
Using a heritage anti-Tory joke to have a go at the Royals. And another anti-Tory memory.
Predicting 2011.
On size, splashing and the space elevator. And Haldane's scepticism related to how to run the railways.
On the popularity of flat fish.
On ranting back to a ranter.  Trying to start a common sense meme - hopeless.
On our royals.  And again. And again. And again (from France). And again.
A request for the oscars. - which wasn't granted.
Tory sucking up to Murdoch. And how they are wholly unfit to own media.
Buying a sax mouthpiece.
Nasty Tories and the others. Andrew Lansley tosser. Their inept IT Strategy. Rally against debt. Tory rats. Michael Gove is an idiot - and I argue back (although admitting today's textbooks could be improved).
On balconies, modernism and astronomy. And links to WWII and butchery.
On Evan Davis and the Lewis-Duckworth method.
On getting my passport renewed.