Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Friday, 17 April 2015

Helpful Election Guidance

No party is perfect.  They all have baggage.  So when you come to cast your vote here is some helpful guidance:-

The Tories lie. With a coherence, depth and consistency unequalled by any other body in British public life. 

In this endeavour they are supported by privately-owned media and substantial predatory commercial concerns. Hedge funds, bankers, the rich and powerful, the international moneyed 'elite'.

They lie with a deliberate and avowed purpose: to protect the manifold acquisitions of the very rich and to keep them safe.  And to make it easier for them, unchallenged, to accumulate yet more wealth from the people around them. From us.  They lie to demoralise and demean the average citizen, to make it easier to take yet more money from each of us wherever possible, for the sole purpose of passing it to the powerful and the selfish, the alien rich. 

The  Tories lie. All of the current, shallow crop of Tory ministers have considerable history in this regard.  So ignore what they say they are doing and why they claim to be doing it. Instead, for every ill-named 'reform' they propose, for every unnecessary and dispiriting change they make to your life, follow the money.  Follow the money.  See who wins and who loses.  Where does your money go?  Who gets it?  A private oligarch or a many-propertied landlord?  A multinational tax avoider?

And don't be fooled when, just occasionally, they give a little of it back. A tiny dribble of honey, maybe as a tax cut.  They do this to conceal their great and huge greed, their rapacious activities.  they do this to dissemble, to hide their greater thefts.  Don't be fooled.

And don't be fooled by those Tories who go under a different name.  Who call themselves 'Labour' or 'Lib Dem' or 'SNP' or 'Green' or 'UKIP'.  They are still Tories - just telling different lies, in different ways.  Camouflaged.  And trying to convert those around them, even in Labour or the Greens, into pale faux Tories, .shadows of the real thing, who will do their will.  So when someone claims to represent Labour, the Greens or anyone else, test them.  Test them. Check what they do.  Look at those around them.  Don't be fooled.

The Tories make it easier and easier every year to remove our money from our public services, into private concerns lead by then and their friends.  They feel nothing but contempt for those who don't join them in this programme. Their disdain for the people who elected them has no bounds. 

And so they lie. 

They lie to conceal this contempt for the ordinary and for the disadvantaged and for the poor. 

They lie to stay in power, they lie to keep their money, their houses, their wealthy lives. 

And in this they have much practice, and many willing helpers.

So that's it. The Tories lie. 

Now go and vote responsibly.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rich People Vote Tory Shock!

We hear today that a hundred wealthy people (aka "Business Leaders"), whom the Eds have suggested could usefully pay more tax, would prefer us to vote for the Tories.  

Unprecedented? I hardly think so.