Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Dr Who in Kensington

The press yesterday was full of pictures (on around page 5) of Daleks and Davros in the Royal Albert Hall. The BBC children's Prom had been taken over by Dr Who and his monsters.

Self indulgent? Certainly. But the last episode of the last series had been far worse on that count. Dumming down from the Blue Peter Proms of the last 9 years ( we were at many of them)? For sure.

But I did certainly enoy the Dalek on stage, the Ood and the Cybermen. And we had a special episode all to ourselves. Tate turned up without being in the programme (surprise!). Lightweight (and too much of Murray Gold's incidental music), and annoying - but fun all the same.

Outside the Pyrotechnic Arms

So anyway, this tree sits outside the Pyrotechnicists Arms (of which, more later), see photo earlier, at the East end of Nunhead Green. I tried looking in my limited numberof books about trees but I can't get a sensible answer yet. I will ask around, but an informative comment would help.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

So what do people do in Nunhead? Part 1

There's a piano tacher; the owner of a bike hire business, a teacher or several of lots of different subjects, someone who works in drug & alcohol abuse, several people who mong mercillesly (fish, mostly), publicans and restauranteurs, a retired sommelier (I think), housing managers, the owner of a financial services business, several postmen, a pharmacist, a congregation of priests of various callings, cooks, cleaners, many, many public relations people and marketeers, Bug Man Jones, artists of various hues, sum accountants and book-keepers (sorry), roving bands of musicians, bakers and butchers and such, an engineer or two, a wood worker/polisher, designers, photographers, decorators, barbers...

Oh, and its the graveyard of faded actors and jaded IT workers, as someone once said.

Sunday, 13 July 2008


These Willows are at the North end of Peckham Rye, on a small triangular piece of green. In the Summer they seem to completely dominate the small line of shops and the bar (The Rye Hotel).

Well, as you can see I did finally decide to get going again, despite the rapid response unit that I encountered.