Saturday, 7 February 2009

Nightime Snowscenes

As I think has been fairly obvious, it has snowed quite a bit recently. These images record the scenes on the first night of the snow around Nunhead. One of the things about the snowstorm, is that some shots are very clear, and the snow itself delineates objects (here, perhaps unsurpisingly, a tree) and makes them stand out more clearly.
In others, the falling flakes may well get in the way a little. I love the effect of the snow and sodium lights in these images:

I spent some time looking out at a set of gardens and the snow humped over the fences, trees and bushes:

Some of the shots appear almost black-and-white; they aren't, but the snow plus the night tend to bleach out the colours:

Back in the street, the snow storm had become far more intense...
This is the birch I photographed in the Summer:
...and back to gardens.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The challenge of touring

The problem is that the ‘On Tour’ pages take a reasonable time to put together and they don’t really cover Nunhead. They were meant as a quick and lighthearted record of the Summer hols. However, it is now February the First and so far I’ve only managed to get through the first week in August (Cresswell, York, Durham, Alnwick, Lindisfarne). At this rate I will overlap with next Summer. Is this is a problem? Should I speed up or give up?

The thing, there is lots I could write, but I need the time, and the on Tour pages seem to get in the way. They are like a big overhanging cloud. I dunno, perhaps I just need to write more often… Then the time for the Tour would not seem so snatched from other activities.

February 1st 2009: God's Dandruff

It's snowing.