This is about the people given mention in the posts.  This  may be for memories, or admiration (or the reverse). There is of course some overlap with other aspects of the blog - although I've tried to keep pure writers and poets off of this page - see Lit for them.  The first person I mentioned, Stephen Heppell, also provided my first comment and challenged my posting.  Fair enough, but it almost caused me to stop right there.  Thankfully, this proved to be the only time this has happened (so far). 

In the 2008 End of Year Review, I looked back at Arthur C Clarke, Ken Campbell, Humphrey Lyttelton, Oliver Postgate and Geoffrey Perkins - alll of whom died during the year.  But in a sense it was a joyful post, thinking about what they had given.  In the same vein, Patrick McGoohan died a few weeks later.

Not quite a recent farewell, but a big silly reminiscence about Jake Thackray.

A fond rememberance of Ian Carmichael. With a side dash of Lifemanship. And a few days later, Lionel Jeffries died (aka Nosey Parker, Sifney Crout and Grandpa Potts)

Michael Foot - hard to think about, still.

Events and Thinks
Right at the end of 2008, Terry Pratchett became a Sir.

I fear Tom Lehrer is going to get more than one mention (and why not?).  For example, in this discussion about The Mikado.  And one of his songs is used in the basement Museum at the Royal Institution (guess which one?).  

And Douglas Adams still echoes through so much- although I really disliked the sequel by Eoin Colfer.

Obama as candidate, and the weight of expectation he was carrying. and his prize.

A celebration of Bernard Cribbins.

Overlapping with Media page I know, and Opinion, but the dirty Murdochs are here too.  They make Piers Morgan seem almost benign.

People in Nunhead and what they do (generic).  I called it part 1, but it's the only one so far.
Some meories of Christina Foyle.