"I shall have to do research, ' Dougal mused, 'into their inner lives.  Research into the real Peckham.  It will be necessary to discover the spiritual well-being, the glorious history of the place, before I am able to offer some impetus".
(The Ballad of Peckham Rye, p.17)

This Blog is intended to be set - to some extent at least - in and around Nunhead.  So here we highlight some of the postings that emphasised Nunhead and other nearby areas. 

Just setting the scene - commenting on some of the other Nunhead blogs - from June 2008.
And about the people around about.
A general wander around
Beating the bounds for the 100th posting
Fame in The Guardian 'Let's Move to...' section (if not quite right)

Probably the most well-known thing about Nunhead is the Cemetery.
Here is a recent Open Day organised by the Friends.
On YouTube....
... and more in Summer 2010

Local Streets
Nunhead Lane with a Rainbow, and in Purple...

Peckham Rye
Willows on the Rye
A little fame
First attempt at night photography
Snow on the Rye, 2010 - and at the end of the year also.
More night photography - and an evening.
Shakespeare on the Rye - and what I thought about it...

The Pubs Around Nunhead
This topic was prompted by the Guardian 'Let's Move to...' page.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 10 1/2 (oops)

Snow in 2009
The Argonath
Autumn 2009
Firework Night
Symbolism in a local delapidated house and garden
The Steam Bus Garage (amongst other things)
Brenchley Gardens and the Nunhead-Crystal Palace Railway
Finally, frogspawn
On the Nunhead Station Gateway -and then we find it does this!
In praise of Kristal Pharmacy, and other Nunhead Lane shops...
Peckham Rye Station
The Belvedere Pub in the records of the Old Bailey.

At what point 'other nearby areas' become 'Away' - ie more distant from Nunhead is of course a little subjective. For example, I have arbitrarily declared Rotherhithe to be local, and Tower Bridge to be 'Away'. Sorry if that feels random.

A trip to Greenwich theatre
Dulwich Village
Oxleas Woods in 2009
A Saturday Evening in Greenwich
The Brunel Museum - Award-winning, no less.
By the Elephant - very Gray
Ernest Dowson came from Lee - so I suppose he counts as local-ish too.