The Trees Around Nunhead frequently - and unsurprisingly - covers trees, both within Nunhead and its environs and further afield.

Sometimes the trees in question aren't explictly discussed in the narrative, although they are pictured.

Trees in and Around Nunhead
The first post to the blog.  A baby Oak.
The Silver Birch in our back garden.
The same at night.
Again on a sunny day
Willows on the Rye
...and what is this tree?
Trees in the Cemetery - and again in 2010 - and once more
A mix of species in Barforth Rd
Trees in Dulwich
A general posting of Trees in and Around Nunhead
Spring in East Dulwich & Nunhead
Kitto Rd trees
The Black Willow on Peckham Rye
Nunhead's Argonath A couple of trees defending the entrance to Nunhead Lane.
Keston Ponds
Autumnal Colours in 2009.  A bay tree and some willows get a reference.
A yew tree in the back garden of D's new house and a witter about the symbolism. Willows, an oak and a Christmas tree also get a mention.
A tree surviving at the Elephant
Extreme pollarding on Kimberley Avenue. And a rant.
A wander around Brenchley Gardens.  And Dulwich Woods - further along the line, and in Winter.
Evening on the Rye
A Linden tree on Linden Grove
Horse Chestnuts in Nunhead
Snowy trees on the Rye near the end of 2010.
And in the mist.
Snow on the Rye before Chistmas, and the last of the Rye, on Christmas Day 2010.
And after some time, I attempted the Peckham Rye Park Tree Trail.  I needed a second go, and still only got half way aound.  (Of course it didn't help that I did it in Winter with an out-of-date guide - but there may have been a different problem).
A Rye Spring Evening (2011)

Trees Away
Some trees in Durham (mostly not about trees...)
David Marshall Lodge - Go Ape! and fantastic pines.
Trees on Inchmaholme - marvellous!
Spain: our campsite in the Picos
A yew tree and some cypresses get a mention on our Spain trip.
Trees in Westerham
London Holiday - look out for the trees by Tate Modern
Trees on Box Hill - no box, I'm afraid.
The Devil's Punch Bowl - full of trees.
Trees around Ste Catherine-de-Fierbois - and a few more.
In October 2010 we visited Kew Gardens, which resulted in a lot of posting. See? And again.

Some Wildlife, Flowers and Plants Also...
Spring Garden - and again in June ,,, and then in the snow... and a frosty morning... and back to Spring 2010 - twice... and on to Summer again. And containing a huge sunflower. And Winter 2010... followed by some Frog NewsSpring again (not my photos).
... and a hedge
and the odd wildlife...
The descriptions in On Modern Nature deserve a reference.

...And for the Record
This was Humph's view