Saturday, 30 January 2016

Saturday morning

Two cored pears, banana, a few cashews and some spinach leaves.  It rather overfilled the NutriBullet according to the precise instructions, but it seemed to cope.  It made a lot more than I could consume at one meal.

The resulting flavour was... interesting.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

First attempt

So.  Banana, hard pear and cavolo nero.  Basically whatever was to hand at the time.

The machine certainly seems powerful, I had a drink very quickly.

But what a weird drink...

A Strange Device...

Except it isn't really.  Having unpacked it, it closely resembles the liquidiser we already have.  There is also a rather annoying book about what to put in it (recipes, apparently).  It may be extra powerful, or have other bonuses.

It certainly looks a little more macho than the old white-goods device we make soups with.

We will have to try it and see.

Monday, 25 January 2016

A Demonstration of Seriousness

The Trees around Nunhead have bought a Nutribullet.

Recording D

But how do we assure our reader that this Detox is really happening?  How do we assert seriousness about the enterprise and make sure we are held to account?

Bridget Jones kept a Diary, of course.  Cigarettes, two.  Perhaps that would help.  Food in and how healthy it was.  Salt, sugar and alcohol.

The D Word

We being who we are, the first question that occurs to the Trees around Nunhead is: "What part of speech is this?"

In The Detox Diet, it is clearly an adjective, but if you Go On a Detox it seems a noun.

And we Need to Detox (intransitive verb).


It is happening.