Days Away
Dr Who at the Royal Albert Hall
Crossness Pumping Station
Stonehenge and a Hawking Centre - and my Stonehenge theory
Bodiam Castle and Steam Railway (and home improvements)
Syon Park - Christmas do
On the Wirral with balloons
Trip to the theatre
Westerham scouts
Holiday in London
A few hours on Box Hill
On the way to work: Battersea
The horror that is Royal Ascot
On Foyles
On Camden
Meandering around London
The Devil's Punch Bowl
Kew Gardens: I, II, III, IV, V, and why...
A trip to see a Dandelion

Scottish Tour
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Cresswll Crags
Part 3: York Railway Museum
Part 4: York Boat Trip
Part 5: More York
Part 6: Durham
Part 7: Alnwick
Part 8: Lindisfarne
Part 9: Edinburgh
Part 10: Scotland: Lake of Menteith
Part 11: Scotland: Out and About
Part 12: David Marshall Lodge
Part 13: Stirling Castle
Part 14: Inchmahome
Part 15: Doune Castle
Part 16: Hadrian's Wall

A comment on the Tour pages

Spanish Tour
Part 1: Portland and Chesil Beach
Part 2: En route
Part 3: Through the Gorge and an aside (Picos Folgate)
Part 4: Campsite
Part 5: Bats! and an aside on holiday reading
Part 6: Squid Sandwich
Part 7: Up at the Monastery
Part 8: On Cowardice
Part 9: Santa Maria de Lebena
Part 10: Tunnel to Bulnes
Part 11: Santa Maria Real de Piasca
Part 12: Potes to Leon - preamble
Part 13: Potes to Leon Part 1
Part 14: Potes to Leon Part 2 - and Leon prologue
Part 15: Leon Cathedral and Unicorn Tapestry
Part 16: Leon out and about
Part 17: Leon at Night
Part 18: Valporquero Caves
Part 19: On the Way to Oviedo
Part 20: Oviedo Taster
Part 21: Oviedo
Part 22: Altamira
Part 23: The Bitter End

The 2010 Tours
Part 1: Up East
Part 2: Out West
Part 3: Down South I (and Southern Cheeses)
Part 4: Down South II
Part 5: Down South III