Sunday, 24 August 2008

The trees around Nunhead on Tour 2: Cresswell Crags

August 3rd, 2008
Cresswell Crags is the only place in Britain where Palaeolithic cave art has been found (according to Wikipedia, at least). This picture above gives an overview of the site today.

The Cresswell Web site is a good introduction to the area and its attractions ( It includes artist’s impressions of the Crags as they might have appeared in the Ice Ages, with the caves looking out on a narrow river valley. I remember the launch of the site in the British Museum a few years back. The Beast of Bolsover (Dennis Skinner) came, as the local MP, and was very charming. I was involved in ensuring that the site would work when showcased in the Reading Room.

There is a new visitor centre under construction, which I guess was the reason why the entrance to the car park seemed a bit of a building site. However the existing centre isn’t bad, and gives a feel for Cresswell and the caves.

As you can see above, nowadays the valley that the caves look down is flooded, with a rather nice dark green, swan- and duck-filled lake. The caves themselves are only accessible as part of a guided tour (book in advance).

This was a short, relaxing break on the trip, but we didn't stay for the cave tours. The images here were taken through the protecting grills.

And, for the record, we spotted a rather nice tree.

Friday, 22 August 2008

The trees around Nunhead on Tour: Part 1

Every so often (about yearly) we get to leave Nunhead for an extended period of time that we call a holiday. This blog is therefore now officially On Tour.

This year's plan was to travel up the East side of Britain, to see a tad of Scotland, and then to come back down to the Home that is all Nunhead, via a lightning visit to Hadrian's Wall.

So come with us.

This will be a stirring tale of competing cathedrals (and castles); of neolithic man, Vikings and Romans; of Pluck, squirrels and ducks. Lots of ducks. Lots and lots of ducks. We will visit a poisonous garden. We will also see one Scotsman being dismembered, and risk being insulted in very bad French. We'll discover Scotland's only Lake and try to avoid being cut off by the tide. .

Oh, and in passing we'll look at some Trees.

'Cos that is what we do.