Tuesday, 20 May 2014


I posted this on Facebook yesterday:-

Rest In Peace, Ken Brown.

A generous, kind, clever man taken from us far too soon. Christian, socialist, scientist, SF fan, father, beer consumer, wargamer and friend.

At university he was one of those individuals that you were continually being introduced to by people, '...and you must meet Ken...'. As though they wanted to share the good news that there was this wonderful person in the world that they knew you would like.

I remember sitting in the audience watching him win University Challenge with Durham. Sticking up a fanzine with him. Watching him play the penny whistle. And, of course, innumerable cups of tea (and pints) in Durham, Brighton, Glasgow, London and elsewhere, while he explained stuff to me, and many others,in his inimitable Kennish manner.

Our thoughts are with his family, of course. Abigail, Sarah Woolford, Chris Brown and Muriel.

Ken would always find the right words for an occasion like this. Something fitting and open, about celestial horns cheering him to heaven and reaching a place of peace in Heaven. But for me, only one word comes to mind.


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